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News And Updates

04/01/2014 - We outgrew our 30 Foot Wide X 36 Foot Deep X 14 Foot High service garage so it was time to expand. We also needed a better place to park all the customer cars that are constantly being dropped off, even when we tell customers we have no space or time to get to it anytime soon, they just show up with a car on trailer and drop it off. LULz...
So, to help with parking, we had a 28 Foot wide X 36 Foot Long concrete pad poured in front of the existing 30 Foot Wide X 36 Foot Long Service Garage.
Now we have a nice place to park customer cars when the garage is full.

At the same time we also had a 30 Foot Wide X 41 Foot Long Monolithic Fiberlass reinforced Concrete mix foundation addition poured at the back of the existing service garage, which is identical to the original Ninja Performance Service Garage Floor plus an additional 5 feet long.
This was in preperation to the Ninja Performance Service garage Expansion. Once we allowed the concrete time to cure, and like the first original section we watered it down two or three times a day and kept it covered at times to help hold in the moisture to make sure the concrete would set as strong as possible.
Once it had time to cure, a new steel 30 Foot Wide X 41 Foot Long X 14 Foot High addition was added to the existing garage,
transforming the Ninja Performance Service Garage to 30 Foot Wide X 77 Foot Long X 14 Foot High. Making the Ninja Service Garage 2310 Sq Ft, bigger than our house, bigger than most average peoples houses.

Finally some breathing room. With the more than double space increase we were able to move shop equipment like our 40 ton press, parts washer, blasting cabinet, Air compressor etc to the new back portion of the Service Garage. This allowed us space to finally add a second 2 post 4 arm 9000 pound lift that we have been needing for years.
Every service garage owner hates having the all too often Service Garage scenerio - a car on a lift, engine out and torn down, block is waiting at machine shop maybe for weeks, so the lift is tied up but it is a huge hassle to pull a no engine, no axle etc car off a lift to get use of the lift.
Problem solved, sorta. Now it is TWO cars on TWO lifts waiting for the machine shop. Still beats a 1 lift shop. We still can lift the cars, pull another car under it to do work that does not require a lift.

Click on Images for Full Size

02/01/2013 - After the Battle of my life, and for my life, I am now recovering from a bone marow transplant I had on 8/1/2012. I am doing better than expected and have had the great oppurtunity to not only continue to supply parts to 3000GT/Stealth enthusiasts, but also start doing what I love. Working on them. Rebuilding them. And making them fast. As well as work on my beast and take her to the track for more 1/4 drag racing record breaking!

Here are some images of customer cars and service work we have been doing. Click on images to view larger image.

07/12/2011 - Ninja Performance Service Garage Final Electrical and Final building inspection Passed! It was time to start working on some cars! Unfortunetly this is when Multiple Myeloma, a non cureable blood cancer, attempted to put a quick end to that. Almost dead, literally, I was fighting for my life. You can read up on my long battle with this monster here: My Fight against Multuiple Myeloma

07/09/2011 - Ninja Performance Service Garage GFCI outlets and light switches installed. Outlet and light switch covers installed. Lighting installed. Main lug panel and power lines in and out of the panel are boxed in. Just need to label the breakers in the main lug panel and call for a final inspection.

07/08/2011 - Ninja Performance Service Garage rough in electrical inspection passed! Time to button everything up. Need to install GFCI outlets and light switches. Install electrical outlet and light switch covers. Box in the Main lug panel and power lines in and out of the panel. Label the breakers in the main lug panel then call for a final inspection.

06/24/2011 - 24" deep Trench for elecric cables dug and cables buried with warning tape 6" below grade. Interior panel mounted and wired to outlet boxes and light switch boxes. 8 foot Grounding rod hammered into the ground (that was a workout) and wired to the panel.

06/01/2011 - Ninja Performance Service Garage Opening soon. Last item to complete is running power to the building and wiring the interior with outlets and lights.

05/06/2011 - 1 1/2 walls are up! Pictures soon.

04/25/2011 - Materials purchased and picked up to build the Ninja Performance Service Shop Walls. Let the fun begin!

04/15/2011 - Ninja Performance Service Garage steel roof and frame is up! Walls going up soon.

04/14/2011 - Ninja Performance Service Garage installation starts today. Metal roof and metal wall studs should be up today. Pics soon!

04/08/2011 - Ninja Performance Service Garage concrete slab is completed. 30foot x 36foot 3000psi Fiberglass reinforced concrete monolithic slab.
Finished to a glass smooth surface for easy cleanup. In 28 days or so we will epoxy seal it. Metal roof and frame building should start in 1-2 weeks.

04/06/2011 - Ninja Performance Service Garage site excavated and prepared for the concrete pour due on 4/08/2011

04/03/2011 - Spent the day clearing trees for the concrete slab for the Ninja Performance Service Garage.

03/31/2011 - Permits for Slab, Building, Electric and Plumbing for the Ninja Performance Service Garage.

03/29/2011 - 30X36 Concrete slab and steel roof ordered for the new Ninja Performance Service Center. Completion date 4-8 weeks weather permitting.

Ground Breaking scheduled for 04/06/2011 weather permitting. Pictures and updates when available.

03/08/2011 - New Ninja Performance revamped online webstore launched

03/01/2011 - News and updates from 2002-2010 archived


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