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Ninja Performance 4340 Chromoly Steel Forged Rods 6G72
$649.99 $549.99

Ninja Performance 4340 Chromoly Steel Forged Rods 6G72

06/07/2017 - Our New Batch has arrived. We continue to sell our Forged Rods very quickly so if you have been thinking about building a high power 6G72 now or in the near future order your set today before the next batch runs out.
In the past we have had a batch 75% sold before they even arrived from our manufacturer.

As of 04/21/2017 we are proud to be able to say we have sold 100 sets of our
Ninja Performance Lite Weight High Power Handling 4340 Forged Rods with only positive reviews.

These are Piston Rods Ninja Performance uses in their 914AWHP 881AWTQ shop car seen here.

Ninja Performance 4340 steel Forged 6G72 DOHC piston rods.

After 6 months of in house development in late 2012 early 2013 we proudly announced our new Ninja Performance Lite Weight 4340 Chromoly Steel Forged Rods. With dual pin oiling and 90 grams lighter per rod than the competition. We are now into our 5th production run, and already looking into production of our 6th, with ZERO negative feedback from our customers. Our Ninja Performance Forged 4340 Chromoly Steel Rods have been running in engines with over 900AWHP and 800AWTQ for years, all over the world.

They weigh just 457 grams per rod versus the average 547 grams per rod for the competition with some of the competitors rods weighing even more. That is at least 90 grams per rod, 90X6=540 grams. That is the full weight of one rod from the competition. That is over a POUND off the rotating/reciprocating assembly.

Just shaving weight for the purpose of shaving weight could end in an inferior connecting rod. And ultimately catastrophic engine failure. The highest stress points for a connecting rod is not what most people think, it is not the long section of rod between the ends known as the beam, ie H beam or I beam. Connecting rods have two high stress points. Both of these areas of a rod are stressed the most and at the same time, during the period between the exhaust stroke and intake stroke. It is at this time in the piston travel that the piston and rod have to change direction from the up exhaust stroke to the down intake stroke.

The crankshaft stops the piston and yanks it back down, and unlike the power stroke that has the power of the combustion event to push the piston down, the rod is burdened with stopping the piston and wrist pin and changing its direction, a highly stressful event that only increases with engine RPM. The pistom is moving at high speeds and to change direction during the switch from exhaust to intake stroke is highly stressful. The only things keeping the piston and wrist pin connected to the crank is the small end if the rod and the rod cap which relies on the bolts holding the cap on to the rod.

We then designed our rods with this knowledge and a goal to design a lighter but very strong rod.

The highest stressed areas of a connecting rod are the wrist pin boss otherwise known as the small end, and the rod bolts and to a lesser extent the rod cap the rod bolts are responsible for keeping clamped to the rod.

We designed our lite weight rods with this knowledge making the small end/wrist pin boss as thick and wide as the beefy $1300 Carrillo rods. Making the small end beefier than most other available rods means it will support the power you want to run.

The second but equally stressful area in a connecting rod is the rod bolts and cap. They are put under severe stress during the point when the crank has to yank the piston, change its direction and pull it down without the aide of the combustion event. At this point, the rod bolts are responsible for keeping the rod cap attached to the rod so that the crankshaft can pull the piston down.
So we designed our rods with dowelled rod caps which aide in proper cap alignment, a very important feature to ensure this critical high stress area performs even under the highest stress events. And most importantly we only use GENUINE ARP 2000 rod bolts. Believe it or not, there are knockoff ARP bolts and it is how sets of rods at unbelievable prices exist. I deal direct with ARP so I know they are genuine. This adds almost $100 to the cost of one set of rods. But it is not a safe place to save a few bucks. Use cheap rod bolts and you WILL have catastrophic engine failure.

The high weight of the available 6G72 forged rods has always been an issue. We wanted to make a con rod that would hold up to high horsepower and RPM and help save weight on the rotating assembly versus the rods that were available. And even more importantly, reciprocating weight which is 10 times more important than reciprocating weight and even more as rpm rises. There are rods lighter than 547grams available, but at astronomical prices.

* Third Party SAE certified 4340 Steel
* 2 Piece forging
* Finished to a Hardness of HRC33-38
* Dowelled cap for precision alignment
* X-RAY & Sonic tested
* Heat treated
* Magnafluxed
* Weight Matched Sets + - 1 gram
* Finished Rod Measurements + - 0.0001"
* Rod Caps and Rods Number Stamped
* Due to manufacturing variances in wrist pins and added thickness due to customers having wrist pins coated in the many available treatments (some are very good at helping with pin lubrication) there can be variances in the wrist pin diameter a customer will use. The oil clearance for the wrist pin is very tight. In order to cover all these variances we make our wrist pin bushings slightly on the tight side so that our customer can have their machine shop properly clearance the small end to their wrist pins for a perfect oil clearance. We include machine shop clearances and instructions with every set of rods.

Complete set of 6 Ninja Performance 4340 Forged Rods with Genuine ARP ARP2000 Rod Bolts and ARP Ultra Torque Lube.

Torque bolts to 50-55 ft lbs using the supplied ARP Ultra Torque Lube.

Mitsubishi 6G72 DOHC 3.0L

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